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    cyber bullying, and cyber stalking is a general problem on the WWW, and it is one we need to be able to discuss. Some sites, like Facebook, have it in spades. Some have it much less... or not at all. But it is a general problem.

    We need to be adults and be able to talk about it in general terms, as it applies to all your web experience. The links to cyber-bullying are general enough for a reason, and not to specific pages on facebook for example.

    By the way, Facebook is famous right now because they have had incidents that have broken off from the anonymity of the web to real life. But you can bet your sweet potatoes it happens all over. I have never sen it here, or experienced it. That does not mean a member here might have faced it. In order to recognize it, you need to discuss it.

    This is an intellectual exercise. So I will ask again, is the subject threatening to you?

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