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  •  Great diary CLL..and very close to what.. (6+ / 0-)

    I think too. I am an employer who pays all of the premium for my employees. I try to keep costs down by having them pay more of the co-pay. I've recently, with much hesitation, had to drop my employees spouse from coverage. I cried having to do it, but we just could not afford to pay her premium anymore. We are lucky and have a great HMO. Not only quality coverage, but they emphasis prevention so it saves them tons and millions of dollars. Their premiums are a bit high, but they do not scrimp on quality treatment. They are building hospitals that are state of the art. Much has to be done about health insurance. This country can no longer afford to have people without it. It is costing too much..more than if everyone was covered. JMHO. Oh, and the race issue with President exists plain and clearly..but not about disagreeing with him on issues or about health insurance. There are people in this country that simply cannot stand having an African/American as president.

    "If man could be crossed with the would improve man..but deteriorate the cat" ~ Mark Twain

    by lovescats on Tue Sep 22, 2009 at 08:01:28 PM PDT

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