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View Diary: On Obama's "Dive In the Polls" And 2010 (222 comments)

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  •  I feel like people are starting to forget Bush (2+ / 0-)
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    jalenth, sethyeah

    created all this mess. More and more of the huge problem we have now is starting to slowly be put on Obama and you can tell the right is pushing this big time.

    I got a ride the other day from a neighbor I don't know well and she was saying well he's been president for 9 months now its all his.

    I told her how can Americans expect anyone to come into such a huge mess and fix it immediately and if the problem that was caused continues how can you blame it on obama?

    That is what I see happening. As each month passes more and more of the depressing news becomes more and more his and not Bush's. Notice he stays out of press. He isn't around to remind people he was the one who did this. The media likes to show all the teabaggers and screamers so people are not hearing that Obama is trying like hell to fix up Bush's crap.

    I think most people are angry with all the money we gave to wall street and the banks. We see the lobbyists and corporations get more power than all of us how we all want health care...

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