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View Diary: On Obama's "Dive In the Polls" And 2010 (222 comments)

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    Nothing has changed, and nothing needs to change!

    => Not even my insurance condition has changed:
    + Still must buy car insurance or lose my driver license.
    + Still must pay to my nose to get health insurance for my kids or leave everyone uninsured.

    => Not even manufacturing jobs situation in America has changes:
    + Still many Americans are out of job; NAFTA (the brain-child of President Clinton) is not yet repealed.
    + Manufacturing jobs are still in China or Mexico or Singapore.

    => Not even Wall Street has changed in 9 months:
    Wall Street guys are still ordained by the US Constitution to remain in perpetual control.

    "Data from the Center for Responsive Politics shows that despite scaling back contributions after last year's financial collapse, Wall Street firms are still investing in the Senate. Of the $10.6 million the industry gave to sitting senators this year, more than $7.7 million has gone to Democrats, defying the traditional notion that Republicans benefit most from Wall Street contributions."

    => => This is democracy, take it or leave it. Vote for Dems, STFU or go to hell!

    ^$$$$^=> Those whom the gods will destroy, they first make dems or repubs or progressives.

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