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    just because the guy is an Arab culture minister doesn't make him a good candidate for the job (even if he is "the best one," which isn't saying much considering Arab regimes). There are plenty of qualified, cultured, prominent, decent people from Arab countries who could have filled the post. Farouk Hosny deserved to lose. I've heard so many sleazy rumors about that guy that I honestly couldn't even believe he was in the running.

    •  I agree - I am not sure (3+ / 0-)
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      sofia, sortalikenathan, Gatordiet

      what Eiron was going for there being that he knows us from dealing with us.

      Oh well I think seeing an apology for that f--'ed up comment will come some time AFTER Netanyahu announces his campaign for the job of Head of Hamas. In other words: Never.

      How do we end Practice? We end practice with a Team Fight! ---- My five year old at the end of his soccer practice.

      by volleyboy1 on Wed Sep 23, 2009 at 06:58:26 PM PDT

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      when i was in cairo i spent a day in al-Qahirah, the historic region of the city unesco has facilitated considerably in preserving. it is phenomenal. i don't know how much or if hosney is credited, but all parties responsible should be applauded.

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        is just the Arabic word for Cairo.

        I assume you mean you spent time in Islamic Cairo, near Bab Zuwayla and al Azhar. Either that or Coptic Cairo, where one of the major synagogues is.

        The government's plans in Islamic Cairo were controversial. They were seen as being less about restoration than allowing tourists easier access to the historic sites, and the local residents feared they would be displaced. I'm not sure how the plans have proceeded on the ground as I haven't been back to Cairo in a few years, though I'm going back in December.

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          i was referencing Islamic Cairo.  we entered Bab Zuwayla thru a massive gate and first visited a huge mosque directly on the right. unfortunately the area did have that flavor of tourist attraction preparedness but it didn't detract me from appreciating the awesomeness of the area, the architecture and the beauty. we didn't encounter any other tourists that day. i wish i had more time there and want to go back. our hotel was right next door to a synagogue. not the major one you speak of but it was allegedly the first one in cairo, or so i was told. some members of our party visited it i was deterred by the entrance fee. it was also heavily guarded 24/7.

          They were seen as being less about restoration than allowing tourists easier access to the historic sites

          we visited another areas of the city undergoing  impressive massive renovations, directly below a fortress or castle i didn't tour. i kept thinking about baghdad and how horrible it would be if these area were to be bombed into oblivion. cairo was stunning, my first middle eastern city. i read a post here insulting cairo once implying it was dirty or something. i thought it was gorgeous and everywhere we went in egypt people were for the most part gracious and friendly. even at the rafah border we were treated respectfully. that was my impression anyway.

          i'd like to be going back in december. have a good trip.

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