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View Diary: Truth about ACORN lost in the rightwing BS (200 comments)

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    What I would say is that if it is the substance of this particular flap that renders a conclusion that ACORN is a problem organization who should be denied federal funding, then that principle has to apply to other sources of federal funds.

    From my perspective, I can't separate ACORN and put them in a vacuum. It's not a matter of if I can show other organizations. Rather, it's a matter of reams and reams of documents of evidence on many, many contractors doing far, far worse things, which have led to virtually no consequences.

    Legislation that singles out an organization, rather than an activity, is extremely dangerous, both politically and substantively. It's interesting hearing you talk about this incident as something that can be analyzed without the context of conduct that has happened at other organizations and how Congress has reacted to that conduct.

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