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  •  The un-littlest giant (12+ / 0-)

    In 1877, paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope described the bone of an animal he named Amphicoelis.  However, the bones themselves were lost and no other specimen of this creature has been found since.  It's generally ignored when talking about the largest dinosaurs, and some researchers think that Cope was trying to one-up his rival in the "Bone Wars" and faked the data.

    However, if Amphicoelias exists (that's it in the background of the image above) it was a creature that redefines large.  This was a land animal longer, and likely heavier, than a blue whale.  An animal that dwarfs the other giants.

    In case you're interested, Morrison Formation -- horizon 6.  I know a good quarry, and I'm available if you need a partner swinging a pick.

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