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View Diary: Leahy and Grassley:  FBI Verified Allegations of Sibel Edmonds (44 comments)

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    The verifiable details of the story are all wrong, and the fact that won't just admit that and wants to engage in a gay witch hunt pretty much destroys any credibiility she had left.  She isn't just a witness - she is an advocate for her conspiracy, and that is why she isn't credible.  

    I expect that the Bush administration shut her down because she worked in a sensitive postion and she had a big mouth.  

    Hey lenlarga, maybe you would like to undergo a lie detector test to see what your sexual orientation is and whether you have cheated on your spouse?  
    What's that?  no thanks.  According to Sibel Edmonds, that makes you a liar.

    What a piece of shit Edmonds is.

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