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View Diary: Leahy and Grassley:  FBI Verified Allegations of Sibel Edmonds (44 comments)

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    I got all of my information from Bradblog - I assume its all accurate.  It was on bradblog where I read Edmonds call for a gay witch hunt.  Democrats haven't been implicated, they have just been smeared by Edmonds.

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      Shackowsky's Communications Director, Trevor Kincaid, denying the allegations.  Not Brad Freidman stating that what SE said is "Bullshit".  There is a big difference.  Look, I don't care about anyone's sexual orientation.  But if, and I do mean if, did abuse her position because she was being blackmailed, then that does have to be looked into.  You seem to be a very loyal supporter of the Representative.  I hope that the Rep. weathers this storm.  I will also agree to that this seems to be similiar to:

       " I don't know have any evidence that Glen Beck killed 2 people but if he didn't kill 2 people shouldn't he deny and show that he didn't kill anyone?

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