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View Diary: Racist Email Costs Bloomington IN Exec His Job (244 comments)

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  •  That is exactly why I have done it, twice. (1+ / 0-)
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    Once to a former neighbor, who forwarded to a long list of neighbors, friends, and relatives the racist, homophobic screed allegedly from Andy Rooney, along with his own message of endorsement.  I Replied To All providing the link to the Snopes article about this fraudulent email, and telling him not to send such vile stuff to me any more.  One neighbor told me that I should not have done that, but rather should have dealt with him privately.  Two other neighbors, who are gay women (simply neighbors to each other, and to me), separately stopped me on the sidewalk, and hugged me and kissed me and thanked me profusely for standing up for them.  The neighbor who sent the email never responded.

    The second time involved my female cousin, who in October of 2008 sent out a chain email about the Birth Certificate and the Berg lawsuit.  I wrote back a soberly worded message debunking the lawsuit and the whole BC "controversy."  She went ballistic because I embarrassed her in front of her friends and family.  That was the last time I heardfrom her.  I sent her a conciliatory message on her birthday, but never got a response.  I have not decided if I will try again this coming birthday.

    We face the choice in situations like this whether to simply hit the Delete key, or respond to the original sender, or to Reply to All.  Replying to All does risk the relationship.  In each of the above two cases, I decided that something more important than the relationship was a stake.

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