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    that this issue is acting as a surrogate for some other aspect of their working conditions, one that's either "undiscussable" or that wouldn't have any resonance with the public.

    I remember reading some years ago about a telephone company that had strained labor relations with its outside-plant technicians (the people who work on customer sites). There were all kinds of complaints about pay and other typical things, but the strange thing was that pay was more than competitive and most working conditions were pretty good. The problem turned out to be that management was setting standards for how long a particular job should take based on unrealistic, best-case conditions; they weren't taking into account that a tech who arrived at the site might have to wait half an hour for the one person with the keys to the wiring closet to get back from lunch, for example. Eventually management came up with more realistic standards, and the trouble went away.

    There is nothing so practical as a good theory—Kurt Lewin

    by ebohlman on Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 11:22:17 AM PDT

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