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  •  Keep up the good work... (4+ / 0-)

    and do not repeat the mistakes we made in California. Reach out to ALL members of the community. Do not leave anyone out.

    Make this everyone's issue. African-Americans, Latinos, Asians...not just WASP LGBTs. That failure to reach out is what cost us in California along with not being proactive enough.

    I respect Geoff Kors, but I cannot abide how poorly he ran the anti-prop 8 campaign; it was sheer naivete, political incompetence or we simply made the mistake of underestimating the determination of our opponents.

    Shut the door on these folks. Never stop fighting right up to the last minute and beyond, they ceratinly aren't going to stop.

    •  ME is not CA (4+ / 0-)

      While I agree the focus should not be WASP LGBTs, you really need the ads to reflect the state - and Maine is over 96% white. If it's not the whitest state in the USA, it's in the top 2-3 (not something I'm proud of, by the way, just stating a fact). The popultion is less than 2% Hispanic, around 1% Black (most of those non-voting recent immigrants from Africa), and less than 1% each Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander or multiracial. Most of the non-white population is clustered in a handful of cities which are reliably Democratic and likely to vote No on 1 already.  

      Like them or not for their limited diversity, ME ads should be just like the ones they're running: filled with mostly white, mostly working or middle-class families, mostly families with kids; adding in a couple of older WASPy types from Yuppie towns like Yarmouth may be an appeal to the old school, reasonable moderate Republicans common in this region.

      If I were to suggest any changes, it would be to recognize the very strong role the Catholic Church is playing in the fight against equality. Traditional conservative Catholics in some of our larger former mill towns and up along the Quebec border will be a tough sell.

      I don't think Equality Maine is deliberately leaving anyone out, but I would not blame them for trying to reflect the community as it exists, not as we would like it to be.

      Mainers above all reject outsiders coming in and telling them what to do, and ads made to look like a diverse, multicultural rainbow coalition of supporters would simply look like something assembled by an outsider.

      It's also a small-population small, in fact, that when a group of friends and I were discussing the very first ad that ran:

      ...we realized that each person in the group (there were five or six of us) knew, had met, or had a connection with at least one person in the ad. And not just the local people; I'd met one at the 2008 caucus, two others locally, and my younger sister went to school the guy in the red t-shirt's kid. And we were just a random group of Mainers. I asked another friend about the ad and HE knew two of the people in it. The more "local" they can make the ads, the better off we'll be.

      •  An Ad of C4ME and UU marriage supporters (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        207wickedgood, Vacationland

        would be fantastic! There are so many people of faith that support marriage equality and many Catholics in particular are utterly apoplectic at Richard Malone right now.

        •  I know! A friend of mine is Catholic... (0+ / 0-)

          ...she told me an interesting story about her parents' reaction to the required appeal and indicated that they were pleased their priest advised the congregants that they were not to fill those "special" envelopes at the church, but rather take them home and really consider what they wanted to do (knowing full well that few will give in private but might feel pressure to give in front of others).

          There was also a "Yes on One" petition circulating within the church during a service, so one of the congregation hauled out her "No on One" petition and started circulating THAT in church - and she got signatures, including my friend's parents!

          There's definitely resistance, and not just among parishioners! Warms my own UU heart.

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