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View Diary: Health Series: Bingaman Video Exclusive (Edited by LoE) (70 comments)

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    As a New Mexico resident, I was one who went to Bingaman's office to share my views on why he should support the public health option.  I also dropped off a lemon as part of Move-On's message regarding the Baucus bill.

    This interview is informative and I'll pass it along to fellow New Mexican health care activists.


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      I was regularly on the phone to various aids voicing my opinion. (They were all on our side.)

      One day, towards the end of the town hall terror campaign, I called one of his aids in Santa Fe. He told me, "The calls are running fifty-fifty. Fifty percent for health care reform. Fifty percent against an HCR bill that doesn't include a public option."

      He sounded quite pleased.

      I blog on healthcare issues for Tikkun Daily as Lauren Reichelt.

      by TheFatLadySings on Thu Oct 01, 2009 at 09:18:20 PM PDT

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