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  •  Guinea Neck has it's own peculiar language, (1+ / 0-)
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    pretty much incomprehensible, a mix of Elizabethan english, and gutteral noises.
    The people who live there have been outcasts and outlaws for, like forever.
    We had a guy come to do our septic tank last week, and I truly did not understand a word he said.
     Needed an interpreter.
    But some of it is choice, if they want to be obscure, to outsiders.
    They test you that way, if you  'speak Guinea' , or not.
    I just nod and agree, what else is there to do? Very closed subculture, you have to be invited in.
    Luckily I have friends who ' let me in'.
    So I get crabs and things that other ' comehere's' another VA phrase , do not.
    Hurray for subcultures. I also speak surfer,

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