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View Diary: NY-23: Bill Owens On (Some Of) The Issues (46 comments)

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    Good work again. All politics is local and it sounds like he recognizes that is running on the issues that are of importance to his district and frankly, all of upstate New York.

    Based on what we know so far I would call him moderate. Moderate is ok. Moderate is also not Blue Dog. Centrist is Blue Dog. Centrist = Corporate Owned. It is clear from various positions stated above that this guy is taking the corporate owned positions on various economic issues.

    Heck! Conservative is even ok as long as it is not corporate owned. The opposition are the corporate owned tools of DC. As much as I thoroughly disagree with true conservatives at least those folks you can have an honest conversation with and work with. It is the corporate owned conservatives, the corporate owned centrists, the corporate owned "liberals" that need to be opposed and defeated across the board.



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