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View Diary: In Ohio, Gov. Strickland plays the most dangerous game - negotiating with Republicans (18 comments)

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  • you have a point? (7+ / 0-)

    The all-GOP Ohio Supreme Court struck down his proposal (favored by 62% of Ohioans) to deploy slot games at Ohio racetracks.

    He had to do something to fill a $900 million budget gap.

    So he is proposing to suspend the 5th year of a GOP (Taft) income tax cut which, just by the way, hasn't generated a SINGLE JOB for Ohio in 5 years...and that 90% of Ohioans don't even know about.

    Are you proposing a (regressive) sales tax increase-- as has been suggested by Sen. Voinovich?

    Or should we just start laying off school teachers?

    •  Farmbo, you nailed it (1+ / 0-)
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      The whole Republican line is that jobs are going away because taxes are too high. So Taft cut taxes and job loss accelerated. Experiment failed. Time to give it up. I've been advocating for two years giving back our Taft tax cuts. For people like me and my friends, making $40,000 a year or less, we're talking $50-$100 a year. THAT'S why most Ohioans haven't even noticed the impact. I can spare that if it means no cuts to schools, libraries, senior services etc. Problem is, the Taft tax cuts were skewed to benefit rich people and they never want to give anything up.

      Most cities are already laying off teachers. The schools are being gutted. That is more likely to keep businesses out of the state than high taxes, which are a figment of GOP imagination, since Ohio's business taxes are about middle of the pack.

      Stop Rob "The Job Outsourcer" Portman. Jennifer Brunner for Senate

      by anastasia p on Fri Oct 02, 2009 at 08:07:11 PM PDT

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