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View Diary: Post exposes an inconvenient truth - insurers will still cherry pick (168 comments)

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  •  Why do they look for complex mechanisms to fix (14+ / 0-)

    simple problems? Max, get your hand out of the Insurance Cookie Jar and write legislation that gives Medicare for All.

    For all of those Teabaggers and Republicans that are crying about too much government regulation, a single payer system is the answer. Single Payer would eliminate all of the hustles that the insurance companies and Pharma are running in order to rob the public treasury.

    When you cut the corporate crooks off, your budget deficit will be solved!

    •  Not enough votes for it unfortunately. (0+ / 0-)
    •  Larry O' Donnell said it best (4+ / 0-)
      He said that when he worked for Patrick Moynihan, that there was a huge - as usual - debate about health care reform; hearings, debates about financing, who will pay, all that - as usual.

      I guess Moynihan just covered the mike, turned to O'Donnell and said, "Why don't we just strip the 65 and over provision from Medicare?"

      Too much like the moral, right and SIMPLE thing to do, isn't it?

      •  There is a bill called Medicare for All (0+ / 0-)

        It was introduced on April 25th 2007 and could have been used as the basis for the HELP and HR3200 versions. Because its sponsors were Kennedy and Dingell who were assigned to come up with this years version. That Kennedy and Dingell took another path is not because over the last two years they sold out to the insurance companies, instead it seems that given there decades of experience introducing Single Payer Medicare for all bills and getting nowhere that they decided to start from something that can get passed.

        The repeated notion that people just refuse to do "the moreal, right and Simple thing to do" ignores the fact that Dingell has been introducing that legislation every year since 1955 and his father introduced that same bill every year since 1943. If it was that Simple we would have photos of Roosevelt or Eisenhower signing the bill.

        BTW it is not as simple as "just strip the 65 and over provision". Currently Medicare premiums only cover about a quarter of the cost of Medicare, the issues of financing and who will pay wouldn't solve themselves with that stroke of a pen.

        •  I understand that it is not that simple (0+ / 0-)
          but Medicare is a program everyone knows about and probably, everyone knows SOMEONE on Medicare. So it is a concept that has universal awareness and hopefully, universal acceptance.

          I, for one, have volunteered and am fully prepared to pay extra in taxes to fund better Medicare reimbursement AND to finance universal coverage of those un- and under-insured.

          People who don't realize that it will require such a financial infusion to reach that goal probably still believe in the tooth fairy, unfortunately.

          I believe we are still a very selfish country; at least those who have incomes above 150K seem to be. When you are trying to make ends meet with a family with just 2 kids, and you earn in the 40's or 50's before taxes, life is pretty tough. So, I don't view their concern too harshly. It's the folks that are well off and able, truly, to afford to sacrifice a little more, that get my goat. I'm probably just naive.....

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