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View Diary: Post exposes an inconvenient truth - insurers will still cherry pick (168 comments)

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    So add this one on the list of its efforts in undermining the momentum of the healthcare reform. They know it is going to pass and they know there is going to be a PO. What they are doing and planning to do after its passing is to lessen public's confidence in the workings of the Obama admin. Oh yeah but they'll say, the insurers are going to do as they please, reform or not...they know how to get their way...bla, bla...just don't get too excited with what's passing...

    See what I mean? I believe the current Post is under Troll invasion and it is not necessarily holding on to its previously stellar journalistic ethics.

    Cynicism did not win last November, a year ago. It should not win again, today. We just have to stop being fools, that is...

    It's not just that the insurers are greedy -- well maybe just a little -- but that their first obligation is to make profits, not to guarantee care.

    See the thing is, these stupid "profit is first" people don't see the fact that their "profit" will not last unless their "product" is a quality product that is also affordable to large segments of the people. They can get away with snakeoil business for so long, but that kind of crap is not sustainable forever. Even Madoff, after all his cleverness, had to kiss goodbye to everything when his scheme was no longer sustainable. How the hell anyone is going to continue profiting if the country goes to hell in a handbasket?

    -It is the country first so that we can profit
    -It is the quality service first so that we can profit
    -It is the affordable and competitive prices first so that we can profit
    -It is gaining public's confidence first so that we can profit

    The president of US is working for the country
    while the Post is making noise...

    The insurance companies will have to start offering "quality product" for a competitive price otherwise their profits won't last. The president is right when he says this system is not sustainable. We have no choice but to reform the health care business or everyone is going to lose, the public and the companies, both..

    Forget the cynicism. Start thinking about positive contribution.

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