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View Diary: SMACKDOWN!  Rachel takes on food lobbyist Rick Berman. (41 comments)

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    as a kid with money from corporations. My reaction to watching Rachel taking on these wayward masters of the persuasive arts hits close to home. Have as an emotional reaction to it as when I first watched "Thank You For Smoking". Or it could be the cranberry and vodka. I don't know. When mostly trying to discuss politics calmly with my Dad I am as persistently respectful as Rachel. That's when I am at my best. Sometimes (rarely) I take the approach of a bad dog owner. If the dog shits on the truth I don't look for positive ways to correct the behavior. I rub their nose in it while cursing. It actually works better with humans than with dogs.

    Pathological liars are in love with their own lies. Love how this guy does the circular argument with Rachel when she questions the credibility of his websites because of the mysterious source of the funding he doesn't flinch. The credibility of the websites are unquestionable because he has somehow assembled them from the oracle on the mount. I know the type too well.

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