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View Diary: SMACKDOWN!  Rachel takes on food lobbyist Rick Berman. (41 comments)

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  •  I don't hate Republicans (0+ / 0-)

    either.  My brother is a Republican and I love him dearly.   I met a creationist couple last weekend and I really liked them.  The fact that they went to the Creationist museum on their vacation this summer came up in casual conversation and I'm sure my mouth dropped open, but they were nice, decent people and we got along fine.  

    I give the guy credit for going on Rachel's show, and if he were defending just one of his projects, o.k., but when you add up all of the things he promotes, he looks like either a whack-job or an opportunist - or a whack-job opportunist - imho.

    •  Right, but the point was they were talking (0+ / 0-)

      together.  And fairly.  Win win.

      If all we're looking for is to pwn the right... it's a long-term fail.  I think we actually need each other, that we enhance each other, that our differences matter in a good way.  It's just totally fucked that we can't talk anymore and it's all about demons.

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