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      Olberman is without a doubt, one of the best communicators I've ever witnessed. And when he's calm and pragmatic, he's even better..

      He really makes one pause and ponder the big picture..  Tragically, our government has evolved into something far too corrupt to be trusted with even MORE of our daily, well-being... well beyond capable of pragmatic problem-solving.

      I wish he'd apply his skill and insight toward championing just the problem we face, within our ability to solve it. The only, long-term role our government can play; is to get out of the way.. get even LESS involved in the process.. make an environment where it's easier to be a health-provider.. and more difficult to be a system blood-sucker (i.e..  trial lawyers and fraudulent providers).

      Saying something like, "Medicare for everyone", scares me silly. Medicare was forecast to be unsustainable at its creation, and has proven itself just that, even quicker than feared.

      The solutions lie in OUR hands.,. OUR doctors.. not letting the likes of Pelosi/Reid/Obama get thier hands literally around our throats.

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        with not-for-profit companies collecting our payments and paying our claims. In countries like France, they pay claims in days after a visit, not weeks.

        There are many options out there, and surely something that would be acceptable to Americans, both in terms of lowering costs and maintaining some degree of freedom of choice. The Switzerland plan, for example, covers everyone, offers hundreds of different options, and the companies compete by adding different sorts of extras on top of the mandated coverages.

        Sadly, the "free market" has completely failed us here.

        makfan, San Francisco, -4.25 / -5.33

        by makfan on Thu Oct 08, 2009 at 01:47:31 PM PDT

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        •  you're correct.. (0+ / 0-)

          .. the free market is a big part of the problem in health-care. But it wasn't always the case.

          To give an idea of how fixable it all is.. (if we took the idea of politicians (either party) out of the control loop)..  It would only cost about $60 billion per year to buy 20,000,000 people a $250/month medical plan, from PRIVATE insurance companies.. and that's even if we reform NOTHING. And the funny thing, is that Obama's claimed savings in Medicare, would pay for almost ALL of that..

          Now of course it's not that simple, but I'd like to think that that reference point shows just how full of crap BOTH  sides are in this debate.

          This is very do-able.. we CAN  get a handle on the problem.. But now way, no how can we let it be a power-play by either the Democrats in government, nor the insurance company bean-counters. We just have to embrace Olberman's passionate pragmatism, and filter out his partisanship. We have to join forces and THINK our way through this, not fight against ech other.

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