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    No one knows until one experiences the status quo and I hope and pray Mr. Olbermann get's better and out of a nasty hospital facility festering and breeding MRSA ( methicilin resistant staphlycoccus aureaus ) My father ( thanks to what they deem, defend and support as "the acceptable standards of health care") in Tennessee and Virginia literally rotted to death after picking up MRSA in a filthy hospital, and they call it quality care ! He went in for a three day procedure that ended up being a ten month long nightmare. He walked into their facility, his feet rotted and his legs had to be amputated. I've tried to get answers but am rebuffed and ignored, from the hospital, to local government to state government and federal government. MRSA SHOULD NOT be in our homes and schools or killing children with a flu bug. It's been a frustrating five years but I do keep asking and prodding hopefully some day I will get facts instead of excuses, sent to another board or agency or no reply at all. ( see link for more info )

    I wonder how many innocent people are going to die before we wake up and demand the very health care system we trust, believe and depend on to keep us healthy clean up their nasty hospitals and quit infesting our communities with a potentially deadly bacteria. Seven kids from Tennessee have died from "swine flu", what they aren't telling you is what is the underlying cause of these deaths, it's MRSA.

    There will only be change when those unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

    by quidam56 on Sat Oct 10, 2009 at 02:26:49 PM PDT

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