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  •  This sounds really tough (3+ / 0-)
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    I had a friend who had similar problems all her life...when she dieted, her metabolism would sink to that of a hibernating chipmunk...she had other medical problems. In her case, I think it has to have been a genetic condition.

    Your feelings of "tired and stressed out" seem to  indicated you really are succeeding in cutting your calories....rather than consuming "hidden calories" which can happen to some people.

    As a trial, I might suggest a couple of things: One, what if you deliberately go off of your diet for a limited period, say about 2 days, eat a lot of protein and some sugar, around 2,000 calories daily altogether? If your body has gone into starvation mode, this may reassure it, and you might find you drop a couple of pounds right there, after eating more. I've run into this paradox.

    If that doesn't help, another tactic might be to just try knocking out sources of excess glutamate...meaning any food that might have added MSG, hydrolized vegetable protein, "natural favoring" and similar cover language. Spome people aparently find that excess glutamate inhibits weight loss. And manufacturers and restaurant suppliers add a lot of this stuff, including in low-fat items and meat substitutes to make them more palatable. I think trying this should do no harm, anyway.

    Good luck. Once again, it seems we can be very different in what works for us.  

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