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  •  FYI - re: insurance companies and 'pre-existing' (21+ / 0-)


    Remember all those damn forms you had to sign originally?  Guess what, I guarantee that there is at least one paragraph relating to disclosure of all past history and authority to allow the company at it's discretion to confirm your past medical history.  This means they can wait until you get sick with something to check up on your truthfulness on those forms. This is what happens to all those people who suffer under the egregiously nasty practice of rescission.

    If you ever filled a prescription at a pharmacy, then the insurance company already knows about your condition.  You gave the authority to get it to them when you signed up for the healthcare insurance.  You'll be required to give the authority to dig this information up to any insurance company that you want to sign up for in the future, too.

    The pharmacies are required to give certain information to insurance companies upon request when accompanied by a signature from the patient (a copy of that form you signed).  This includes the medication and the name and contact information of the prescribing medical provider (doctor).  The insurance company then contacts the prescribing doctor and asks for medical records (another copy of that form).

    Even if you think the insurance companies can be fooled, you are wrong.

    Fill a prescription - you have a pre-existing condition, and the insurance company can prove it.

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