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  •  Obesity is becomming the new plague (0+ / 0-)

    Companies are starting to (legally?) discriminate and not hire the obese. They put existing obese employees on higher cost insurance plans and are requiring weight loss incentive programs.

    While it's not the only cause, obesity causes sleep apnea, diabetes, asthma, cardiac disease, strokes, joint replacements, infections, depressions, falls, etc - all very dang. These are the health events in such a steep rise today and are accountable for such a big slice of rising costs.

    However, obesity, like race, is public, can't hide it. There are other lifestyle choices people make that are it's leading? We need more humane    

    HR 676 - Health care reform we can believe in - national single-payer NOW.

    by kck on Thu Oct 08, 2009 at 10:11:01 AM PDT

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