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  •  Deeds needs to do a 180. I volunteer in Richmond (3+ / 0-)
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    for his campaign, and I'm tired of seeing almost nothing but variations of the same attack ad against McDonnell.  It was great for about 2 weeks, but that's it.  When I brought this up with a regional organizer, he acted like I was too naive to know what I was talking about.  He said, "I know it can seem strange, but we run what works."

    So I stuck my neck out further and told him about my mom's recent observation.  A long-time Democrat who disliked McAuliffe (she thought he was a carpetbagger), she said "At least McAuliffe was running positive ads about what he wanted to do for Virginia.  Not only is Deeds not doing that, he's practically invisible.  I wouldn't recognize him if I ran into him on the street."

    I'm hoping someone higher up in the Deeds campaign will see this and make a major change in strategy.

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