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  •  President Barack Obama, Peacekeeper (4+ / 0-)
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    the world hopes, hence the award. The world has been watching and listening to our president for a few years now, and they like what they're hearing and what he is attempting to do. His trips overseas have been met with smiles and excitement. On my trip to France a few months ago, I too was met with "Obama, Obama, Obama" accolades, especially in Normandy where the French were anxiously awaiting his appearance for the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

    This really is America's moment to progress into the 21st Century with a whole new mindset. This is why I believe our president received the Nobel Peace Prize. Their way of saying - you Mr. President really are our hope for a better future.

    Fleetwood Mac's Peacekeeper, a haunting yet beautiful song -

    Using Lindsey's own words to describe the song, he says (in a WXRT Chicago radio interview from March, 2003) that "The song is about three years old. It was looking a little bit at how the world seems to get increasingly desensitized to events that are negative and events that can be destructive and how that desensitization can affect a smaller unit like the family or the individual. But it's also looking at the concept of peace, and what does peace mean? I think you could say there is no real static condition that could be called peace, but it's more about just valuing the ideal of peace and trying to act on an ideal that will get you in that direction really." He also says in July 2003 to 'The Oregonian' that "["Peacekeeper" and "What's the World Coming To"] are just human cries. They're not about anything that's happened in the past couple of years; they were written well before that. They're just about the loss of individual voice and the desensitization that seems to be expanding, about the detachment that goes along with power -- these things that you look at out there and hope will somehow find a balance." "So, the actually personified peacekeeper doesn't seem to exist. It's not a person, exactly, just an idea."

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