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View Diary: Truth is, the Nobel committees don't give a s--t. (224 comments)

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    Well I answered this above, but more thoroughly:
    Jagland - Corrected.

    I don't regard it as a point of contention among the Swedes that the peace prize is Norwegian. I've never heard any Swede complain about it. It's what Nobel's will stipulates - how could it be any other way?

    (Jag har ingen som helst förvirring om huruvida fredspriset är norskt eller inte. Det är klart det är norskt förihelvete.)

    All the members of the committee are former or current career politicians, as far as I know. I did not claim it was a requirement. But it is a fact.

    I know the Swedish Academy was in existence before the Nobel prizes, but their job as a prize-awarding institution is widely regarded as their main job these days. The only other thing they're noted for is publishing a dictionary.

    Yes, the life-membership thing is specific to the Swedish Academy, but reason stated for their lifetime membership is exactly as I claimed - and was simply an illustration of the import they put on secrecy. Secretary Horace Engdahl is on the record stating this (I can dig up a link if you like).

    Yes, the Peace Prize nominations are relatively 'open', especially compared to the rest of the prizes. That means more people can claim to have made nominations. But even if someone claims to have been nominated, what does that mean without any ability to verify it? The documentation of the Peace Prize is sealed for 50 years as I said, just as with the rest of the prizes.

    You seem oddly intent on finding fault. I did not conflate the Peace Prize with the rest of the prizes. When I wrote about the Nobel Prizes, I was talking about the Nobel Prizes in general, and when I wrote about the Peace Prize I meant the Peace Prize specifically. If that's not obvious to you, then I'm sorry for the misunderstanding - we have different frames of reference I suppose.

    I most certainly didn't claim to be an 'insider'. Especially not to the Peace prize which is exactly why I spoke about the prizes in more general terms. I said I knew people who were, and that I knew more than average about the prize. For reasons that I intended to explain at great length, I don't know much 'inside' information.

    (Se'n så skiter jag fullständigt i om du tror mig eller inte. Du får ju göra som du vill. )

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