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    one member of that site- with whom i am on fine terms, now- did want to create a thread to stockpile ammo. that was when i left. and you ignore that i had been as hard on some edwards supporters as i was on the obamabots. and yes, i did stay focused on the issues. when i criticized obama himself, it was on the issues. as it is now. his worshippers i criticize for their idolatry. i don't do idols. dynasties i weigh on the merits. i don't support someone because they're from a dynasty, but neither do i oppose someone. i'd support rfk jr., should he ever run for governor or the senate, in a heartbeat.

    and i'm not sure how following armando at tl is adoringly. once again, your criticism reveals more about you than about me. and if you don't think you have a bizarre obsession with him, perhaps you ought to recall some of your antics, here and at other places. as far as i can tell, he barely knows you exist, yet you keep bringing him up. we've had some pointed disagreements, but it doesn't get personal. and yes, i link him, just as i link digby and mcjoan- and krugman, for that matter. whatever your personal animus, armando remains one of the most astute political analysts out there. not by any means perfect, as he would be the first to admit, but smarter and more on point than 99% of the rest of them.

    •  i do recall (0+ / 0-)

      his antics, here and at other places. He is a sadist and an energy vampire, a blowhard who is nearly always wrong, who tore this site apart and then went on to shoot DD in the stomach. He certainly knew I existed when you and andgarden were helping him cry in his beer about "Dog Soldiers." It is kind of Jeralyn to provide him with a place where he can turn blue and throw his rattle. I'm just glad I don't have to see it. And when I tried to follow you at LC, after a while I just couldn't any more, not with all the links back to his bloviating at TL.

      I'm glad you don't do idols. Which is why you should rethink armando. I don't do idols, either. Just like I don't do dynasties. I don't care who they are.

      The thread was created by "one member of that site--with whom [you are] on fine terms, now--" because you pitched a fit about anti-Clinton material in the main threads. You hung around for a while after that thread was created, then vamoosed.

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