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  •  Non sequitur of the highest order (6+ / 0-)

    This is a response to Bill Moyers' PBS commentary on who really owns America. I think Mr. Moyers is mistaken. To me, he is missing the bigger picture of America and his judgment that the corporations own America missses the global perspective of American history and the events that gave birth to it. America is a nation found on indestructable ideals that are destined to win against odds thus the odds do not weaken but strenghten it. It is a nation that welcomes the trial and the tribulations because it is through them the promise of freedom is accomplished. America's poet Walt Whitman, for example, would disagree with Mr. Moyer by welcoming all that America brings, possibly including the challenge of greedy corporations and the sold out congresses. Few people tell the American story and America's purpose like Walt Whitman does because only few understand America as well as Walt Whitman did. On the aniversary of the "Genoese" landing these shores, then, Whitman's "Passage to India" should make a great read for all of us, including for Mr. Moyer...

    Gag, this has all the clarity and crisp reasoning of Palinesque gobbledygook. Nothing follows from anything else, and false premises like destiny and "indestructable [sic] ideals" abound.

    You may honestly believe that the government of the USA is not effectively owned by corporate mobsters, but this paragraph, however enthusiastic, offers no support for that belief at all.

    •  Palinesque is right (2+ / 0-)
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      hubcap, pale cold

      This diary is like some teabagger shouting "USA! USA! USA!"

      No content. Just blind jingoism.

      •  Yeah you got it well, Sherlock... (0+ / 0-)

        I am a Palinisque teabagger jingoist who is shouting USA, right?

        What an impressive wisdom!

        Those teabaggers and Palin surely know what Whitman was talking about...

        Is there a rule on Kos that one must always speak against USA in order not to be accused with teabaggery?

        Where is your content?

    •  You have what you see in the local, here and now (0+ / 0-) a proof and I have the well patterned lessons of history reaching from past to a potential future as proof.
      What is a false premise to you is not necessarily a false premise to me.  I keep repeating here, it is the patterns of the history from which I draw my premises. You on the other hand keep telling me oh how horrible this and that is. Sure, it is all horrible but the horrible does not own America or human existence.

      Where is your tolerance for freedom of thought?

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