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  •  Factory Farming to Become More Extensive (17+ / 0-)

    Mid-sized producers are being pushed out of the market (pork is selling at $8/cwt - which is less than it costs to produce, if you have to buy feed). Note the items I've bolded from this agweb article:

    Quick Facts
    > Pork producers have operated in the red for 22 of the last 24 months

    > Break-even prices are not projected until late spring or summer 2010

    > Foreclosures on financially strapped producers are starting to happen

    > A new industry structure is emerging

    > Producers in the best shape, albeit still not a good position, are those with a land base who can grow their own feed

    > Midsize producers with no land base are in the worst shape

    > Those midsize producers may need to consider outside investors

    > Large integrators may have options with investments from Wall Street

    > Lower exports to Russia and China over H1N1 are a cause, but the reduction is mostly due to a stronger dollar

    > H1N1 fears have had little effect on domestic consumption of pork

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