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  •  Damn liberals (none)
    ...outside of Seattle it is filled with complacent BO BOs (Borgeois Bohemians) who havent had to fight much for anything in a long, long time. I hate to hear the "New Age" speak that passes for discussion up here - pure bull.  Trying to get real work for change is much much harder. My husband and I came here from the East and haven't been too impressed with the get up and go in terms of progressive chuzpah (emphasis switzer's)

    OUTSIDE Seattle?  That pretty much describes the situation IN Seattle.  We've gotten fat 'n' sassy in Seattle, and the chickens have come home to roost with this race for Governor.  The old maxim, "all the votes you need to win can be seen from the space needle" still holds true, but you have to put in your work.

    I agree with SusanHu, btw - give us a diary on the pipeline situation.

    I put things where they don't belong at Switzerblog.

    by switzerblog on Sat Dec 11, 2004 at 09:19:04 PM PST

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    •  Will do (none)
      --its a long and complex story, still unfolding. There are some real key questions and issues that I think mark the beginning of a type of transition to a future where even nation states are not the ruling entities, but rather multinational companies. In this case, the electrical generation and pipeline companies are the big players across both US and Canadian governments.  There are similar stories all along the west coast in CA and up across Wyoming and Montana too.

      Will do my best to lay it out in a way that everyone can understand and see the implications of.

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