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View Diary: GOP pushes the Obama = Hitler attack (271 comments)

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  •  I can see why the GOP took that tweet down. (0+ / 0-)

    It wasn't due to any shame over comparing Pelosi or Obama to Hitler, since the Repub party has no sense of shame.

    It was because the video, which I've just now watched, isn't exactly on message wrt the GOP talking points.  The video has Hitler pissed at Obama for being too moderate, and counting on Pelosi to set him straight, so Hitler is taking the "progressive" view (a warped version of the single-payer view).  But, while painting Pelosi as a far-left Hitler ally (WTF?), at the same time it paints Obama as a moderate that has betrayed the far left (including Hitler), which goes against GOP propaganda.  So it doesn't drive home any particular point that advances the GOP spin, while at the same time giving an opening for the Dems to attack.  A totally tone deaf tweet by the GOP.

    P.S. There are lots more and much better Downfall parodies on youtube than this one.

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