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  •  Hitler Would Have Health Care Bill Now (0+ / 0-)

    Yes, thank you mcjoan for clarifying to everyone that today's vote means diddily swat, except that it keeps Olympia Snowe relevant in the debate and it is one step closer to passing health care reform, whether with public option or some version of it.

    As I understand it, the Senate Finance Committee's bill will have to be merged with the HELP Committee's bill, as well as the House version, into some super version of the bill down the road which will go to full debate in the Senate and the House, THEN can it finally go to Obama's desk for his signature.

    I hear all these teabaggers compare Obama to Hitler. Well, let me ask them this simple question. From the current developments today, it seems our elected representatives have even more time to debate this issue to death. Under Obama, we've seen a record number of town halls, committee hearings, and thousands of dollars spent on advertising to sway public opinion. We would have seen none of these under a Nazi regime if it came to a health care debate. Hitler would have just passed a bill as he saw fit.

    So I ask all my right wing friends out there: How can you compare Obama to Hitler?

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