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View Diary: Kratovil's "reasons" for his dissapointing HCR vote (19 comments)

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  •  I'd be inclined (4+ / 0-)

    ... to give him a break based on the local-political-reality-o-meter here.

    Andy Harris is a disaster with a strong wingnut base. His sum total platform is (1) tax cuts and (2) vote the publican party line.

    Frank's not a robot. He does care about his constituents. As was explained, he's in a gerrymandered district meant to shunt a conservative corridor along the western shore into the same bin with generally conservative Eastern Shore voters

    ... who are less "republican" than they are "against the Democratic machine in Balto and Annapolis" and therefore fall into the republican camp.

    It's a fact (I report it just about weekly) that state gov't is happy to screw the Eastern Shore counties wherever possible. People on the Eastern Shore react to that by supporting republicans, because it's the "other" choice in state and local politics.

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