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View Diary: Kratovil's "reasons" for his dissapointing HCR vote (19 comments)

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  •  What an outstanding, practical solution (2+ / 0-)
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    TheUnknown285, Hopeful Skeptic

    A "private" conversation with him is easily ignored. A public dressing-down, reasonable and backed up by cold glaring facts (sure, keep them in a language he and most of his constituents think they speek, fiscal rectitude), is much harder to shrug off and starts to create actual discourse in the community. Folks (i.e. readers, i.e. voters) may start to wonder why he's voting against their interests and covering his own hindquarters.


    •  Kratovil off to a rocky start... (2+ / 0-)
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      TheUnknown285, Hopeful Skeptic

      As noted above, Kratovil is a brand-new Congressman and off to a rocky start indeed.

      First, he was quick to officially join the Blue Dog Caucus, as if to signal to voters in the district (and everyone else) that he wasn't really a Democrat after all.

      Then he hemmed and hawed over the cap-and-trade bill, voting for it only when he was reassured that the agricultural interests in his district would be protected.

      Now he walks away from the health care bill with a spurious fiscal argument.

      I, for one, hope that he might grow in office -- but these are not hopeful signs. He shows every indication of becoming the sort of DINO that is so despised in these pages every day.

      I live in the adjoining 3rd District of Maryland, and cheered from the sidelines when he won last year. There won't be any reason to cheer for him next year if he keeps up the current pace.


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