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View Diary: OMG! OMG! "Obama's War" is ALMOST HERE (PDT)! (53 comments)

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    See, pollution really isn't all that bad, we like to call it the Clean Oceans Initiative For The United States, COITUS for short...."

    Should read:

    See, pollution really can be our friends. Our Clean Oceans Initiative for The United States will be implemented by new organizations called Regional Aquacultural Tradescrafts, or R.A.T.C.O.I.T.U.S., for short...


    What with food costs and the economic malaise,

    Insert the word rising before food costs.

    Perhaps the spot could be done by Tina Fey Sara Palin, in which case the aside should read "Take it from me, at the Palin household it is also used..."

    See, monetization complete! There could even be a chart (insert bubbles here):

    1. Slime Mucus


    1. Financial riches!

    Wouldn't this make a fun You Tube clip?

    A Republican is someone who can't enjoy his privileged position unless he is certain that somewhere, someone is in excruciating agony. I Love OCD

    by nippersdad on Wed Oct 14, 2009 at 12:05:58 AM PDT

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