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View Diary: OMG! OMG! "Obama's War" is ALMOST HERE (PDT)! (53 comments)

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    JVolvo, dov12348

    They have got us sucked into their basic strategy so that we miss the big picture, which is that it is ridiculous to try to destroy an "international terrorist network of independent cells" by attacking countries. We end up arguing about which countries we should and shouldn't attack and how long we should stay and how big a force we need for the attack.

    I think maybe we are attacking countries because that is the only thing we know how to do. Our whole defense strategy assumes that our enemy is the government of another country, or countries. We are not attacking the international terrorist network of independent cslls because we have no idea how to do that. I think this may also be the same reason we end up as occupiers, because once we overthrow the government that was not really the enemy (however much they might have despised us), it doesn't solve anything. WWI, WWII, we overthrew the opposing governments, it was over. But when we overthrow their government and the fighting just goes on, we don't know what to do next, so we stay and stay and stay.

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