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View Diary: Rick Perry Continues Cover Up; Calls Executed Innocent Man "a monster"; Todd's Mother Responds (272 comments)

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  •  A sacrifice on the altar of fear (2+ / 0-)
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    The use of crime as an issue by crypto-fascist politicians really started taking off around 1968.  A generation of bourgeoise Americans have since been raised to view everyone poorer than themselves as depraved monsters coming to take their stuff - either by breaking into their houses, or by electing Democrats.

    What is the conservative goal?  To reduce government to only those parts that protect property owners.  Why?  Because in the twisted world of conservative ideology, Exxon and Joe the Plumber are both property owners, and Joe believes that he must protect Exxon's property rights over the entire planet by supporting war, and that of course Exxon will protect his property rights by helping to elect hangin' judges, congressmen, and presidents.  What a scam.

    In "Bowling For Columbine", Marilyn Manson derided the people blaming his music for the massacre by saying that in America the corporations use the media to scream relentless fear at the citizens, and then their commercials come as a relief - the message is fear and buy, fear and buy.

    Well, one of the things the corporations want us to buy is Republicans.  Another one is guns.

    So as the corporations strip away our civilization for profit, and we refuse to admit we were suckers, we turn on each other, shooting after shooting, execution after execution, death by starvation, death by no insurance, and we are sure that the "bad" ones will die off first in this war of attrition, leaving only us virtuous ones in an American paradise.

    In fact, we are already on the lifeboat, pushing each other out.

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