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View Diary: Introducing Leonardo Da Vinci's "La Bella Principessa" (226 comments)

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    northsylvania, Nowhere Man

    this also reminded me of Hans Holbein the Younger, who occasionally worked in profile himself, as in this portrait of Erasmus. I have a print of a chalk portrait by Holbein of a young lady, also in profile or very nearly so. Certain other portraits by Holbein such as Anne of Cleves are from the front but also create rather a flat design than a dimensional figure. If you had shown me the new portrait without a context, I would have suggested Holbein the Younger. I'm not saying it's him, that seems improbable. But possibly there was a fashion for the 2-D looking portrait?

    BTW, I get the strong feeling of geometry about the new picture...another interest of DaVinci's. For instance, it looks to me like the headband angle creates a 3-4-5 right triangle...

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