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View Diary: 30,000 Single Mothers Deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan (38 comments)

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    I'm saying the bad economy forces people to make  bad decisions--desperation is a bad motivator.

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      larryww:  what's the problem?
      Your answer:  Shitty economy helps recruitment.

      So from your perspective the problem is the shitty economy that forces people to make "bad" decisions. Joining the military is a "bad" decision. If these women joined the Army because they wanted to, not because they were pushed into joining by a shitty economy, then you would see no other problem with the situations described in the diary.


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        When you have young children, are their only parent, volunteering is a shitty decision.

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          It is a shitty decision.

          It is unfortunate, but true, that often the only options open to us differ only in their degree of shittiness. Like the fox in the trap whose only choices are to die slowly or to chew off its own foot. Like voters whose only choices are evil, less evil, or "unelectable."

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