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    "Preemptive War" was never accepted by the vast majority of military professionals.  it is seen for what it is - aggression in different clothes.  

    The idea that "September 11th changed everything" is slowly being dispensed with also.  There was no threat to the continued existence of the United States on September 12th, no matter how horrible September 11th was.  I was just as angry as anyone else on that day but when I got over the raw emotion I saw it for what it was - a bad day.  There were no hordes at the border.  There was no threat of nuclear annihilation.  The loss of life and loss of innocence was terrible but not a threat to the nation, the Constitution or our ability to defend either.  Judged in this light, September 11th did not represent a military problem any more than Hurricane Katrina.  Yes, there was a role for the military in the consequence management response but it was not like we could send the Navy to destroy Hurcanistan.  

    Slowly, very slowly, military professionals are coming around to the idea that the military has no business in anti terror outside of our own force protection.  In fact, we (Army - cant speak for the other services) have rolled Anti Terrorism under Force Protection where they used to be separate items.  We have watched out ability to conduct our core mission - to defend the NATION - deteriorate as we swat at the preverbal flies.  

    Terrorism is not new.  We had terrorist in Germany when I was there in the 80's but if I had suggested to my commanders that we fight them instead of the Russians, I would have been fired.  The Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact represented a clear and present danger to the United States and its allies.  The military is often mocked for wanting to return to the cold war because we "understood" that.  We understood because it was the mission the nations militaries are designed for.  In the 90's we tried to be peace keepers, humanitarian assisters, even fire fighters and we did them well but only because we happened to have outstanding people who are driven to succeeded.  By 1999 we were spent, our core skills deficient and our leaders, specifically General Shinseki, said no more.  He mandated a return to basic skills, full manning and full funding.  I find it ironic that the plan Rumsfeld came up with only worked because of the decisions made by the guy he fired.

    Prior to 2003 I could hold my head high among my foreign peers knowing my country had never engaged in a war of aggression (ok, debate about Spanish American war).  I will be glad when the last policy relic of the Bush years is removed but I am affraid it is many years away and the stain will never be gone.

    It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it. Robert E. Lee

    by ksuwildkat on Thu Oct 15, 2009 at 07:18:25 PM PDT

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