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    I am well-aware of history, being a history major. And as bad as the atrocities of war were in multipolar worlds, unipolar worlds are at least as bad in the body-count category (excepting, of course, WWII).

    I'm all for a well-armed democracy.  What I'm not for is that well-armed democracy dictating to the rest of the world as if it is some sort of Shining City on the Hill. Such sanctimony! Yet, perhaps, having attained the heights of empire, it's the only thing it can do.

    I remember well the bull sessions we had with our profs in the grad history classes about whether "the condition of empire" was inevitable given certain factors. I always argued that it was since nature abhors a vacuum and human nature abhors a power vacuum.

    The problem that I see with the American Empire is that it was built almost entirely to serve the business/financial elites, using the masses as fodder - pretty much what every empire does - yet continues to mouth the pretty words found in the founding documents. Hency the need for this vile sanctimony (i.e., judge us on our intentions, not our actions!)

    Most empires of the past were bold enough to admit the truth: we do it because we can. Yet the American Empire seems genetically incapable of speaking truth. Orwell has a much more eloquent way of saying it.

    And the greatest irony of all is in watching and listening to these supposed liberal and progressive representatives act as apologists for the American Empire. Sanctimony is part of the American genome apparently.

    America's actions need to match its (presumably good) intentions. Until then, America will find enemies wherever it turns. Calling them "terrorists" won't change the equation at all.

    In any event, to quote John Lennon: gimme some truth.

    " ... or a baby's arm holding an apple!"

    by Lavocat on Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 10:29:15 AM PDT

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