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  •  My sons are spending the weekend (1+ / 0-)
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    at two different Boy Scout events. Eldest wants his Eagle with Palms by the time he graduates, and he's just decided that's what he's doing. Given that he is like me and has his world view entirely narrow to his goal, I'm not worried about him getting into anything he shouldn't be; he won't notice for the next couple years. (grin) Youngest will probably do the same thing, because he has a case of hero-worship for his brother.

    My eldest is in his freshman year of high school, and while I'm interested in him taking classes that will put him in a good position to go on to college if he likes, I'm not pushing him to the AP track. He is dyslexic, and so is needing to do a lot of work just to manage that. However, he loves math, and I do want to make sure his options remain to go to college for engineering or pure math or whatever science he might like.

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