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  •  publicv, from a public health perspective, yes... (5+ / 0-)

    that being said, there will be individuals who will suffer more from the vaccine than if they had an actual encounter with the H1N1. At this time we have no way of identifying who would be better served by NOT having taken the vaccine.  For the greater good of the herd, we should all take the vaccine, voluntarily (barring any known sensitivity or allergy to the substrate from which the vaccine is created).  The CDC monitors the vaccinations and will spring into action if the vaccinations trigger an untoward effect -- they will stop the vaccinations and treat the problems -- if there are any problems.

    We don't do designer flu-shots yet.  When we look back at this flu season we will know better if anyone should be excluded in the future.

    Remember, we keep moving forward as a species because we have trust that our fellow humans respect us and are honest with us.

    •  Well, I suspect that... (0+ / 0-)

      folks who normally take the seasonal flu shot with no problem won't have much of a problem with the H1N1 vaccine. I've already had the seasonal flu shot and plan to get the H1N1 shot as soon as I can. I'll be visiting family at Christmas and one of the babies is at high risk for respiratory diseases. Although it's a remote chance, I won't risk that baby's health by not getting the vaccine.

      Just another socialist fuckstick homosinner!

      by Ian S on Thu Oct 15, 2009 at 09:10:57 PM PDT

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