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View Diary: Keith Olbermann Is Short (on the Constitution) (110 comments)

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    First of all, the WH employs Rahm Emanuel. I think this completely decimates your argument that they have great brains there.

    Second, Congress passed and the President signed the MCA, which is completely at odds with the plain text of the Constitution over habeas corpus. They try, of course, to get it all to be legally square, but the SCOTUS regularly throws out things that they get wrong. And, historically, they simply aren't beyond writing something they know is unconstitutional (or know at least is questionable) and trying to balls it through the courts.

    In short, I'm not comfortable with the brains in the White House and I think their eyes may be too big for their bellies. They may want mandates and put in something that they think will pass muster, but that doesn't guarantee it will. And, in any case, the fact that they backed off criminal penalties, and watered them down at that, suggests to me that they already know they are on shaky ground.

    For what? To implement a corporate favor?

    And, why are we defending it? If this goes unchallenged, what's to stop further mandates to buy things? I can make a solid case that you ought to be buying all kinds of things just to benefit society (and that are for your own good, to boot). Why, if I wanted to end the recession, I could mandate that you buy a certain number of dollars of products every month. Clearly this is necessary to get the economy going again. Aren't you a patriot???

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