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    Fabian, emsprater

    I am my mother's caretaker. She has MS. She is bedridden and basically a parapalegic. When it is necessary for her to go to the hospital, which has generaly been twice a year for over 5 years now, I am faced with deciding what is the best way.

    Her primary doctor plays a big role in that decision. He will not admit her to the hospital without first seeing her, even when her homecare nurse insists that she needs to go. He will not make housecalls, eventhough he lives very close to our house and could stop on his way home.

    So my first choice is - do I take her to his office so he can see her and then admit her or do I just take her to the hospital.

    If I take her to the doctor's office, I have to decide whether to put her in her wheelchair and load her into our small and uncomfortable wheelchair accessible van or do I call the county senior citizen large van service which generally requires 48 hour advanced notice, but because the director of the program is a family friend, I sometimes am able to get the rules broken and they will pick up my mom immediately.

    If I take her to the hospital, since the doctor will not admit her, I will have to take her to the emergency room. If I take her to the hospital in our van or the county van, she will have to wait to be triaged in the emergency room. One time last year, I waited with my mom in her wheelchair for 13 hours before she was examined by a doctor. Other times she gets in in less than an hour. If I decide to call an ambulance I know that my mom will be facing a $250 bill once she has recovered and is back home, but I also know that she will be immediatedly see a doctor.

    Decisions, Decisions ... life sure does suck sometimes.

    On a positive note ... my mother has just recovered from a cold ... at home ... for the first time ever!
    Every other cold that she has gotten in the past has resulted with her being in the hospital with pneumonia.

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