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  •  Germany, bad example (0+ / 0-)

    Thank you for your reply.  The tax structure here must be fair enough to allow businesses to pursue profit opportunities.  If we start dictating taxation form the other "end" (i.e.: the poor are staying poor so tax more) we can’t possibly evaluate tax levies correctly.  This may lead to starving our business and stifling economic growth.  This is when people will leave.  

    As for Germany; it is unique state in the EU (and the world for that matter).  They supply a huge portion engineering through out the world, they are basically carrying they the rest W. Euro Counties, they opened an undeveloped East Germany just 19 years ago, they have openly developed in many E Euro countries and their Government is not as addicted to debt. (as they have cap on public spending).  Hell, they have tried to take over the world twice!  If you want to evaluate socialist W Euro Counties try France, Portugal, Spain, or Greece.  All of these counties have deep, deep economic problems and their people are trying to immigrate to Germany (leaving).  I have read that there are concerns with Portugal and Spain debasing the Euro.

    Thanks for the heads up on The Economist.  Do you remember which issue?

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