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View Diary: Clint Curtis' "show stopper" testimony causes "gasps" at hearing (170 comments)

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  •  Stay on this (4.00)
    And please be precise and accurate in all that you quote.  

    This is striking stuff, so any mistake will torpedo it.  

    (thanks for posting it).  

    •  Yes, we need to keep an eye on it. (4.00)
      We have to be careful, and I think we are.  This type of story has to build slowly and carefully.  If it isn't true Curtis will eventually slip up.  If it is true, then hopefully more evidence will surface or there will be enough pressure to investigate the source code on the individual machines. With or without these allegations, this should have been done.  If it is true, we will, of course, have to go into fight mode. We can't choose the messenger, but of course there are some problems with Curtis (these need to be weighed).  Feeney also sounds like a dubious character and his ties to the voting procedure should be analyzed.

      For the sake of the country, this has to be taken serious by those investigating these things, even as the sensationalism of such a voting scam does, as you say, make you feel dirty.  The truth is that we all knew that safeguards were not in place, so we have to consider that someone might take advantage of it (especially the power hungry--and there are far too many of those types in government).

      Interesting, when people complained that there were irregularities in the Florida vote, based on the number of people registered democrat in a given county (counties where 75% of voters were registered democrat), they were told that those people had been voting republican for the last few years.  These allegations provide for an interesting but horrific explanation.

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