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View Diary: Clint Curtis' "show stopper" testimony causes "gasps" at hearing (170 comments)

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  •  If he was - (none)
    suddenly killed, that would only confirm his credibility.  That's why it's a big deal that he testified already - no way for him to disappear without a big spotlight being on it.

    Let's hope he's for real!!!

    •  if there's a programmer out there (none)
      who actually worked on a vote-rigging software, you can be sure he has family, children, a mortgage and many financial assests ... and that he was already threatened ...

      I was thinking, if I were a Republican crook, who would I chose to do my vote-rigging? I wouldn't pick a single guy with no financial ties for the job.

      Actually the great thing about computer programs is that only one man is needed to do the design of the program, and the rest is done by a team of programmers who work on the "clean" version of the program, but a version that is hackable, and then you let the designer work on the vote-hacking program. That way there's just one man who knows the truth.

      I'm reading the autobiography by Physicist Richard Feynmann, who worked on the atomic bomb. He wrote how he knew about the bomb but no one in his team knew (at least in the begining) they were just carrying out measurements, not knowing what for.

      It will be impossible to find that one programmer, if he exists. So it's good they made the mistake to work with Curtis.

      You should all read the Watergate affair and how difficult it was to get anyone to admit anything, or get Nixon to hand in the tapes...

      Corruption and politics, they go hand in hand.

      •  I've read all the Feynmann books. (none)
        the fun ones anyway.

        Let's hope they did make this big a mistake.
        They've certainly done lots of dumb sloppy shit over the years, hopefully their hubris will get 'em.  I've been praying for a Watergate scenario, let's hope this is the start of something big.

        •  entropy (none)
          The larger the system, the more complex, the harder it is to maintain order. So many more possibilities availible. Like the possibility that Mr Curtis comes forward.

          "I don't believe you go to heaven when you're good. Everything goes to hell, anyway..." Tom Waits

          by Nicholas Phillips on Mon Dec 13, 2004 at 09:54:33 PM PST

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